Grid Storage and AB2514

California Assembly Bill AB2514 is intended to address the problems for the operation and economics of the California electricity grid that are caused by the massive addition of PV solar panel capacity.  As the state strives to meet its Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) goal of 33% renewable electricity generation by 2020, the grid problems will be intensified.

The graph below was prepared by the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) to show the potential impact of added PV solar capacity on baseload and rapid-ramp system generation requirements.  The costs to the grid system incurred by the addition of intermittent solar panels could be substantial.

AB2514 01

Terrajoule can play a major role in mitigating these problems at far lower cost than the combination of alternatives such as standalone storage and new rapid-ramp non-renewable generation capacity.

Terrajoule is truly dispatchable generation capacity, able to time-shift electricity production from the solar resource by many hours, with rapid-ramp capability measured in seconds.

The cost of Terrajoule generation capacity in the 2015 – 2020 time frame, including storage, will be less than the cost of the same generation capacity via intermittent PV without storage.

AB2514 02