JKB Energy

JKB Energy and Terrajoule are partners to bring the next generation of solar power to the USA market – Clean Energy 24/7.

During the last 5 years, JKB Energy has established the California market leadership position in solar power systems for agriculture-based factories and irrigation power.  JKB Energy has forged its leadership position with a combination of dependable project installation, peerless support, financial returns above expectation, and technology innovation.

JKB recognizes that the success of solar power can continue to accelerate only with a solution to the energy storage problem, hence its partnership with Terrajoule.

JKB Energy has co-developed Terrajoule’s 100 kW field demonstration site near Waterford, California.


Roush Industries is a leading engineering firm with over 3,000 employees.  Roush, well known for its Roush Fenway racing division, develops products for automotive clients and other industries.

Roush is Terrajoule’s development partner for Terrajoule’s proprietary steam piston engines.  The partnership combines Roush’s world class engine technology and engine supply chain expertise with Terrajoule’s unique steam engine knowhow.



Electricore is a public/private non-profit consortium established in 1993 at the request of the US Department of Defense, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop advanced technology.

Terrajoule and Electricore are targeting various energy and energy storage applications, including military.  Electricore and Terrajoule are partnered in a DoD demonstration for military base power that operates with, or independent of, an electric grid. More information here.