Island Power

Islands with populations from thousands to millions are often supplied by power stations that burn diesel, fuel oil, bunker fuel, or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). As a result, island economies often suffer from:

  • High electricity costs
  • Unpredictable electricity costs that discourage investment and inhibit economic growth

The majority of inhabited islands have a good solar resource, often on the leeward or sunny side of the island. However, solar power without storage can economically displace only 20% to 30% of fossil fuel consumption, whereas Terrajoule can economically displace 60% to 90% of fossil-fueled electricity generation.

Terrajoule becomes the primary power source, while the existing fossil fuel power plants provide valuable backup power.

Many islands have abundant combustible waste from agriculture, industry, garbage and other urban waste. Terrajoule hybrid solar and waste to energy power plants can yield additional savings and provide 100% energy independence for electric power.