Rural electrification

There remain of order half a million towns and villages worldwide without access to affordable and reliable electricity. There is a well-established relationship between electricity and standard of living, with a particular connection to health. Electric power is a fundamental requirement for a clean, reliable water supply.

Renewable power technology, with energy storage, has advanced to the point where worldwide electrification is now most economically accomplished without the polluting intermediate step of fossil fuel electricity (coal, petroleum or gas).

For population centres of 1,000 or more in regions with moderate-to-good solar resource, Terrajoule provides an ideal solution for electrification. With Terrajoule hybrid Solar+Storage+Waste-to-Energy power plants, local waste problems can be resolved while providing complete electric energy independence.

More than electricity, Terrajoule offers the core technology for a complete community utility resource, with copious amounts of heat and hot water, desalination, waste water treatment and waste processing.