Manufacturing Capacity

Terrajoule manufacturing capacity can ramp up rapidly to play a major role in the growth of distributed and emerging energy markets, because the necessary manufacturing capacity is already in place in the industrial and automotive supply chains.  Terrajoule systems are comprised of components that are either stock items or made to order using standard materials and manufacturing processes.

The key supply elements of a Terrajoule system and the relevant supply chains are as follows:

  • Steam Piston Engines.  These are built to Terrajoule proprietary design using the worldwide automotive supply chains, with many of the components and the final engine module assembly in the Detroit region.
  • Energy Storage Systems.  These are made to order using standard steel pressure vessels, standard shipping containers, and standard metal fabrication methods.  The systems will be sourced regionally as best for each market.
  • Solar Concentrators.  These are third-party systems comprised primarily of standard glass components and fabricated metal structures, manufactured by contract manufacturers.