Reliability, O&M

Terrajoule systems comprise mature commercial components with proven high reliability.

Steam Engines
The steam engines for Terrajoule power station units are supplied by Spilling Technologies GmbH (Hamburg, Germany). Founded in 1889, Spilling Technologies developed its modular steam engine product line in the 1950s and has been manufacturing and refining it for over 60 years. There are currently over 75 heavy-duty Spilling steam engines in continuous use worldwide. The Spilling emphasis has been simplicity, reliability, availability, low maintenance cost and no unscheduled downtime.

Energy Storage: Steam Accumulators
Steam accumulators are steel pressure vessels containing water. The water in Terrajoule units circulates in a closed cycle, monitored and maintained to a fully non-corrosive chemistry. Steam accumulators have been used for many decades to reduce the costs of industrial steam plants, so their longevity is well known. There are no cyclic fatigue or corrosion issues for a well-managed system. A useful life in excess of 25 years is assured.

Parabolic Trough Concentrating Solar Steam Generators
Solar concentrator systems have been in continuous operation for over 30 years, with a steadily increasing reliability. Terrajoule partner SkyFuel Inc., a Sunshine Kaidi New Energy company, has had its products extensively tested and validated for performance and longevity by the USA National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

Operations & Maintenance (O&M)
Terrajoule power station units are fully automated for unattended operation. All units are remotely monitored by satellite, and continuously analyzed to anticipate and prevent field downtime.

Mirror cleaning must be done to maintain maximum operational efficiency. Mirror cleaning is performed by a semi-automated GPS-controlled cleaning system to maximize consistency and minimize labor cost. The frequency and cost of cleaning varies with the location.

Terrajoule forecasts total annual O&M cost less than 1% of system capital cost in most applications.