Replace Diesel 24/7

Townships, islands, mines, industrial plants, pipelines, agriculture

Terrajoule systems can eliminate 60% to 90% of diesel, fuel oil or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) consumption for installations that need reliable, controllable electricity 24/7.

Applications include not only off-grid sites, but also grid-connected sites where the grid power itself is intermittent and genset backup power is used heavily.

A Terrajoule system can be configured to optimize return on capital while eliminating 60% to 90% of diesel fuel consumption.

Here’s an example from near Bakersfield, California, illustrating the role of energy storage for a distributed or on-site solar power generation system.

Using energy storage, a Terrajoule system supplies up to 90% of the customer’s power demand with high quality, controlled power 24/7.

A Terrajoule modular power plant can be configured from 2 MW to 20 MW and beyond.

Storage can be configured from 12 hours to 48 hours of average power output (3 hours to 12 hours of standard peak dispatchable output).

Terrajoule modular power plants supply clean, high quality, load-following primary power. When existing diesel gensets are used as backup power to the Terrajoule plant, switching between Terrajoule primary power and diesel backup power (when required) is automatic and seamless, without the issues caused by running diesel gensets below their intended operating power range.