24/7 Electricity Generation

Off-Grid Mines, Industrial Plants, Pipelines, Military Bases

Terrajoule systems can eliminate 80% to 100% of diesel consumption for installations that need electricity around the clock and throughout the year.  The payback is fast, and the systems are straightforward to deploy and maintain.

 Performs like a Diesel Generator – without the Fuel Expense

The purpose of replacing diesel electricity generation with Terrajoule is to dramatically reduce operating expense and increase reliability and security, with a rapid financial payback.

Terrajoule systems are robust and produce high quality power that responds quickly to changes in load.  Like a diesel engine, Terrajoule power is generated by a rotating mass (with a flywheel) that drives an AC electricity generator.  There are no inverters, so Terrajoule power integrates smoothly with a single load or site power grid.

The payback will usually be quick, well under 5 years.  The best payback is with a system sized to offset 80% to 100% of diesel consumption, depending on the site conditions and economics.  In most cases the system will retain the existing diesel generator, so that the diesel and steam systems back each other up for enhanced reliability and availability.

 Terrajoule Off-grid Plants Offer:

•Rapid payback on capital.
•Can be redeployed at modest cost if the need moves to another location.
•Smooth integration with existing generation capacity.
•Increased reliability to the existing generation system.
•Low maintenance, with automated unmanned operation and continuous remote monitoring.
•Simple operation.
•No emissions.